What Makes a Woman Attractive?

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A prevalant thought in the mind of many twenty-something year old females may revolve around the particular question of "what makes a woman attractive?" While all men tend to be different, and although it may be hard to understand them, you'd be surprised at what some had to say.

For some guys, the typical answer would be this (and yes, some I interviewed gave me this exact answer) "Face, body, than personality." Booorrring.

But first, let’s see what an expert has to say. Dr. Dan Neuharth, Ph.D, MFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a doctorate in clinical psychology.
He explains that males actually value relationships more than women and tend to be happier when married.

When asked whether a man likes a woman who is constantly changing her appearance Dr. Neuharth says a majority of men wouldn’t mind. “Novelty is a big thing for men, they like new things.”

A big focus point is the way a woman dresses. “When we go out she's got to  have a good fashion sense and know how to accentuate her best assets,” says Nick Tyrell, a native from Los Angeles, CA. Avery, a senior social sciences major at Purchase thinks the same.  “Style is always a key factor for me. Generally, I like a girl that has swag, but not over confident.”

But what’s taking it too far when it comes to the fashion department? Dressing provocative or too revealing. According to Dr. Neuharth, the more provocative a woman dresses the less chance she will have for something long term. It all depends on the man. “It get’s the man’s attention. Men are hardwired to look at body parts whereas women take in more of the whole persons.”

Another asset high on the attraction list is that a girl be open and social. “The ability to laugh at or be laughed at, no matter how stupid or corny the joke is,” says Jason Van Hoven, from the Bronx, NY.

Relationships are tough, that’s inevitable. Both males and females are shaped uniquely but one thing is plain and simple. Be yourself.  Advice from Dr. Neuharth: “Be the most yourself you can be, even parts your not proud of, and if the guy likes you, then you’ll know he likes you for you.”
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