Managing your Moodle Course Participants List

Enrolling Students and Managing Your Moodle Course Participants List

Banner has now taken over Moodle course creation, faculty assignments, and student enrollments. Matriculated students who are officially registered for courses will automatically be enrolled into their courses on Moodle.

Faculty may add other participants (i.e. learning assistant, course librarian, senior auditor) into Moodle courses using these steps:

  • click on the ‘Users’ link within the course’s Administration area (under the 'Course Administration' heading)
  • click on the "Enrolled users" link
  • click on the "Enroll users" button located at the upper right side of the page; a pop-up window will appear
  • select the role that you'd like to assign from the pull-down menu (i.e. teacher, non-editing teacher, student, course librarian, learning assistant, auditor, guest, accomodations). In the example below, we're adding a course librarian.
  • search by typing in the last name for whomever you’d like to add in the search box and hit 'Enter' on your keyboard; a list of users that match your search criteria will appear.
    If the person you are looking to add to your course does not appear as a search result, they have not yet logged into Moodle and would need to do so in order to be added.
  • click on the corresponding “Enroll” button to add the user to the course
  • you can either continue to add additional users or click the "Finish enrolling users" button to view your updated course roster

assigning roles in Moodle courses

You can assign a user to multiple roles. For example, you've identified a student who will be serving as your teaching assistant and will need to be able to take attendance and view assignments. You can assign him/her to the Learning Assistant role in addition to the Student role.

  • click on Users Enrolled Users within your course's Administration area
  • within the Roles column, click on the plus sign (+) located next to the student's name to view the additional roles to which they can be assigned
  • click on the desired role to assign the student to that additional role, in this case Learning Assistant, as seen below

assigning a user with multiple roles

To allow students to self-enroll into a Moodle space, such as a Board of Study page, please provide them with an enrollment key.

To unenroll/remove users from your Moodle course:

You can manually unenroll / remove users who are no longer enrolled in your courses on Moodle so long as they were enrolled manually (not by Banner/Luminis Message Broker):

viewing or removing Enrolled users from Moodle courses Within your course, select the Enrolled users option under Administration Course administration > Users
unenrolling students from Moodle courses Click the X on the Enrollment method corresponding to the student(s) that you want to remove from your course