OpenScholar Essentials: Getting Started

To get started with OpenScholar at Purchase: openscholar logo

Get your site:

  • Open a fresh browser window (we recommend Firefox; Chrome is currently problematic)
  • go to
  • click on the "Get your website" link on the upper right hand side of the OpenScholar homepage
  • create your site by providing the required information:
    - Your Purchase username: firstname.lastname (do not include "")
    - Your Purchase email password
    - Designate your OpenScholar URL, which must be:
  • Once your site has been created, you'll be brought to your OpenScholar homepage

Working on your OpenScholar site:

Once you've successfully created your OpenScholar site, click on the "Go there now" link to view your new site, which will look something like this: 

image of a newly created OpenScholar site


  • You'll notice that your name will appear as "firstname_lastname" and the subheading will appear as "firstname_lastname's web site."  To change this, hover your mouse over the area where your name appears; you'll see a box outlining the area appear and a small blue downward arrow appear at the upper right side of that outlined box. Click on that small blue arrow and click Configure to enter your correct name and title in the pop-up window.

editing your site title

editing your site's title

Need Quick Access to Common Settings?

image of expanded quick access to common settings link in OpenScholar

  • To work on your site if you no longer have the "Need quick acces to common settings?" link, log in at and click on the Control Panel wrench icon on the upper right hand side of your site (not the "Hello, your name" link) to access your site's Control Panel. Here is where you will control the look and feel of your site as well as designate which features you'd like to use and how your site will appear to visitors.

    OpenScholar Control Panel icon/link

  • Select the Features that you'd like to have available on your site by clicking on Control Panel > Site Building icon > Features. You can make any of the listed features either public, private (visible only to logged in users), or disable it entirely. You can also control the settings for each Feature by clicking on the corresponding Customize link. If you make any changes, remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Save Configuration" button.
  • To choose a theme for your site: click on your Control Panel link, and then click on the Appearance icon to be brought to the Theme Picker. Click on the Theme that you'd like to use; you'll see a green checkmark appear at the top of the Theme preview and a reminder to click the Save button; click the "Save Configuration" button to apply the theme to your site.
  • To Add your Bio: at your main page, click on the Bio link and then click "Add bio" or click on the "Add Curriculum Vitae" button to upload your CV as a PDF.

  • To Edit your Bio: at your Bio page, click on the blue editing arrow on the upper right side of your bio

Editing your OpenScholar bio page

  • select "Edit" from the list. You will then be able to edit any aspect of your Bio page:

 editing your Bio in OpenScholar

  • Adding your photo to your OpenScholar site:
    (please note that some themes will not display your site image)
    • Click on the small pull-down arrow within the image icon on your site's main page
    • click "Configure"
    • in the pop-up, browse and upload your site logo
    • click the "Save" button

adding a site logo image to OpenScholar

  • Publications:
    o add your list of Publications: go to your site and click on the Publications link. Click on the green +Add New icon in order to either create a new publication entry or to import a list of your publications as a file.

adding a new publication in OpenScholar

adding a new publication to your OpenScholar site

  • You can begin adding Publications by first choosing the type of publication and then filling out the required metadata for each of your publications/presentations/conference proceedings, etc.

importing a list of publications into OpenScholar

(You can import a list of publications in one of the formats shown above)


Designating your preferred bibliographic format

The default bibliographic format/citation style for your OpenScholar site can be changed to your preferred style with a few simple steps:

  • Login to OpenScholar and click on the Control Panel link on the upper right side of your site
  • from the Features page, click on the Customize link associated with Publications, on the right side; a new window will open
  • You can now configure the default settings for your Publications, including how many publications will be displayed on one page, the order in which they will be listed, as well as the default citation style for your works
  • Once you've made your changes, scroll down and click the "Save Configuration" button; the window will now close and you'll be back at the Features page
  • Next, scroll down to the bottom of the Features page and remember to click the "Save Configuration" button again.

designating your preferred bibliographic format

 Using Google Analytics to track visits to your OpenScholar site: 

  • Login to OpenScholar and click on your Control Panel link
  • Click on the Settings icon
  • Enter your Google Analytics ID (example: UA-XXXXXXX-XX) in the Google Analytics ID field
  • Remeber to save your settings by clicking on the "Save Configuration" button

 Need some insipration? 
Here are a few examples of Purchase faculty/staff OpenScholar sites


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 + Marie Sciangula